The SDO orthotics are lightweight thin-profile fluid orthotics, the next generation of orthotic devices aimed at minimizing or eliminating running and walking injuries. The unique reason for the SDO orthotics’ high success rates is that they deliver the needed correction to excessive pronation and provide excellent shock absorption. They are also the only fluid dynamic orthotic on the market, which means that the correction will flow with your foot from heel strike to toe off, providing a much higher and longer percentage of control.

products_footSilicone fluid has been permanently sealed into a polyurethane pouch. Its viscosity matches that of the foot’s fat pad. So the SDO orthotic becomes an extension of the natural plantar surface. Gel flows precisely with each stride from heel strike to toe off. This massaging action creates the only dynamic biomechanical correction for foot instability on the market today. The SDO orthotic controls excessive pronation and other instabilities that cause so many running and walking injuries.

Now with state of the art technology you can simply obtain an accurate profile of your patients foot using a bio-foam box fitting kit. You no longer have to use the messy and time consuming casting process. We will send you the instructions of how to properly align your patients foot in the subtalor neutral position before your patient steps in the box. You then simply send the foam box back to us and we can then determine the correction needed for each foot. You will then receive your patients SDO orthotic within 14 days delivered to your office where you can then schedule the patient for a follow up visit to instruct your patient of the proper use.

The cost to you for the SDO orthotic is $120.00 of which can be paid after you are paid by your patient, so no up front money, except for the foam box fitting kit we do charge you $20.00 for up front. Podiatrist will typically charge $400-$600  per pair of the traditional orthotics. The SDO is typically charged at $325.00 per pair or less to the patient.

We also have a generic version of the SDO orthotic which is much less costly but can be very, very successful as well. We have actually found through our research of our thousands of patients over the years that the actual correction needed in an orthotic fall within a small window for most patients. Due to this we can confidently add the generic SDO orthotic at less cost since there will be no custom biofoam fitting box involved. These will also come with the 45 day money back if not successful.

Many world class Olympic as well as college, high school, and recreational runners and walkers are proving that this is by far one of the most exciting and innovative changes in the runners’ market since the first Nike shoe was released. SDO orthotics are incredibly effective devices for minimizing running and walking injuries. Runners, walkers, and coaches have repeatedly told us that this device prevents these injuries as well.



The F-Scan and 3-D illustrations show the reactive forces occurring on the foot as it hits the ground.

Excessive peak pressures, which are most often are associated with injuries, are indicated by the red and orange colors. The blue and green colors show more evenly distributed pressures.

The foot on the left is without any support. The foot on the right is using our product. Note how our fluid custom orthotic shoe insert distributes load, reducing foot peak pressure, while simultaneously balancing and realigning the foot.

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