Foam Box Instructions

Foam Box Instructions Diagrams
  1. In order for us to make a precision fluid orthotic, we need to get a picture of the bottom of your foot. This is done by molding your foot in foam. The depth or thickness of the foam is not used. Start by sitting in a chair with the foam box immediately in front of you, so that you will be able to place one foot at a time in the center of the box.
  2. Now you must align the foot in the neutral position. This is done by not allowing the foot to (A) roll inward or (B) outward, but make sure that it is (C) aligned in a straight up and down position so that there is a slight amount of arch support. Lean forward so the bottom of the foot is perpendicular to the lower leg.
  3. Once in the neutral position place enough pressure and weight on the foot so that the top of the arch is just buried in foam and the arch has made an impression in the foam. The foot should be approximately 1 inch deep in the foam once you have finished the fitting. Push down gently at first and do not hit the bottom.
  4. Remove foot and don’t touch the foam, not even to remove pieces that may have fallen into the impression.
  5. Repeat with the other foot. The orthotic does not affect the toes so do not worry about their impression.
  6. Shipping instructions: Now close the box and seal with tape. Be sure to write your return address. Be sure it is labeled and has postage. If you male at a Post Office, it will go 2 days air. If mailed at home or at a neighborhood bluebox, it will go surface mail…your choice: speed vs. convenience.
  7. Once we receive the box, we will scan your foot mold in order to make the custom fluid orthotic. This will take approximately 1 week. We will then ship to you by priority mail in 2-3 days. (We pay postage).
  8. Please return foam box as soon as possible. This will also prevent your injury from becoming more serious.

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