Silicon Dynamic Orthotics are lightweight thin-profile fluid Orthotics. This is the next generation of Orthotic devices aimed at minimizing or eliminating running and walking injuries. The unique reason for the Silicon Dynamic Orthotic’s high success rate is that they deliver the needed correction to excessive pronation and provide excellent shock absorbtion. They are also the only fluid dynamic orthotic on the market, which means that the correction will flow with your foot from heel strike to toe off, providing a much higher and longer percentage of control. Learn More >


  • The only fluid flow orthotic available.
  • Best shock absorbing orthotic on market.
  • Gel flow is much more comfortable and adaptable than traditional orthotic.
  • High viscosity silicon flows to massage foot with each step.
  • Thinnest orthotic profile on market.
  • Practitioner easily custom fits each patient with a bio-foam fitting box.
  • A new source of revenue to you as well as well as a great marketing tool.

"Over 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with plantar fascitis - I could barely walk from the pain in my heel. I started using SDO orthotics and they have been a life-saver. They have removed one major source of worry in an already crowded life."

B. Kumar

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